Sour candy has got attention contemporarily. Even the cadies' names connote pain, for example, cry baby tears, atomic warheads, and toxic waste. If you have ever put a sour candy in your mouth, you must have gone through oomph and gush of the sour candy. We all love to hate this sensation, but for some of us crave for such pleat taste.

What makes these candies so sour? There are some factors responsible for doing this job, i.e., sanding of acid coating makes them sour. Most of them comprise malic acid. Citric acid is also a great contributor to making a candy sour. Sour candy possesses a low PH or the same ingredient as the sour beer can make the candy tart. 

1. Warheads

Warheads are the sourest candy all around the world. It is the perfect poise of fruit and tart. Some people prefer toxic wastes over warheads because the latter are too sour. If you eat this, the zing and rush of candy will burn your mouth!

2. Sour Patch Kids

It is a soft candy coated with sour sugar and inverts sugar. "Sour patch kids" is lower on the scale of Urness than toxic waste, but with no objection, have a great taste. It is available in a variety of flavors. Citric acid, tartaric acid, and fumaric acid, collectively, give an ancillary blow of tartness. 


3. Toxic Waste Candy

This bit is relatively vicious, regardless of how you look at it. Printed on the packet of toxic waste is 15 seconds you're a wuss, 60 seconds you're a hero. It is undoubtedly the sourest of the huddle. The tartness of poisonous waste can dissolve your tooth enamel, so to brush your teeth or gargle your mouth afterward.  


4. Sour Skittles

 If you are looking for a fruity and delicious break for your taste buds, you need to try this candy. On popping into the mouth, it is sour. Afterward, it is sweet and fruity. Ideal as a game-time snack and for parties. Also, sour skittles helps relieve blocked salivary glands.


5. Sour Punch Straws

It is a multi-layered sour coated candy. Citric acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid collectively give them characteristic tartness. It is the best option for lactose-intolerant people, as it contains no lactose.


 6. Cry Baby Tears

 They are sour enough but not that sour to damage your teeth enamel. Cry baby tears are shaped like tears. This candy is the best selection for your sour gusto. They seem to be neglected because of newer candies but still secure the deepest spot in sour candy lovers' hearts.


7. Taveners Sour Lemon Drops

It is an old English candy. Taveners Sour Lemon Drops are still among the well-liked sour candies in the United Kingdom. These are lemon-shaped and flavored candies. Additionally, their formulation contains natural colors and vegetarian ingredients.



8. Sour Nerds

 These are in real meanings crunchy sour classics. Sour nerds won't make you cry. If you eat one nerd, it will not be that sour, but a mouth full will be harder to get rid of.


9. Altoids Sours

On trying these candies, you may end up with tears in your eyes. Apple sours are the most unique and look like old fashioned smackdown, but they are less sour than Altoids lemon sours.


10. Sour Flush Candy Toilets 

The most eldritch candy. It comes with the sour powder in a commode shaped casket; every time you plunge the candy in it, it becomes sourer. It's more like you're eating from a toilet—tartness for this candy variegate with flavor.







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