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Sour candy has got attention contemporarily. Even the cadies' names connote pain, for example, cry baby tears, atomic warheads, and toxic waste. If you have ever put a sour candy in your mouth, you must have gone through oomph and gush of the sour candy. We all love to hate this sensation, but for some of us crave for such pleat taste. What makes these candies so sour? There are some factors responsible for doing this job, i.e., sanding of acid coating makes them sour. Most of them comprise malic acid. Citric acid is also a great contributor to making a candy sour. Sour candy possesses a low PH or the same ingredient as the sour beer can make the...

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Our very favorite and world’s top confectionery manufacturer company Mars is formulating chocolate, mints, chewing gums, and fruity confections for centuries and will continue to doing so in the future. The company also makes other food products, drinks, and pet food, besides confectionary. This company functions in five business units worldwide, namely, Mars Wrigley candy, pet care, food, and drinks, which are solely under the possession of the Mars family. Mars is originally a US-based company having headquarters in McLean, Virginia, United States. History The storied history of Mars begins in a kitchen where two passionate men discovered sweet confections cherished by the whole world. Franklin Clarence Mars, along with Ethel V. Mars, started the Mars Candy Factory in 1911...

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