About Us

Who doesn’t love candy? Ask anyone about their favorite candy and watch them melt with a smile bigger than their face. The sweet smell of hot chocolate, the explosions of the multi-colored pops, the milk chocolates embedded with crunchy hazelnuts, the chewing gum that makes big and juicy bubbles, the chocolates wrapped in gold paper which are a mystery to taste, the smooth textured toffee and the mixed fruit lolly. We have them all (No Kidding)! 

Candy Paradise is North America’s exclusive virtual sweet home. We deliver a wide range of exotic treats from around the world right to your doorstep. 

Satisfying your sweet tooth is our priority. 

Candy Paradise has over 250 selections of candy that will leave you spoilt for choice. We not only have the latest candies on the market but also the delicious retro flavors. We import the best quality chocolates from around the world, with unique exotic flavors. 

Just to make your life a little sweeter, in addition to the fresh candies, we also have cookies and chips from the bests brands in the world. It doesn’t end there, unlike other candy stores, Candy Paradise also provides Halal and Kosher products. As a cherry on top, our quick shipping service delivers all the delicacies right to your door.

We aim to make every occasion sweeter for you. 

Birthdays, anniversaries, or valentine’s day, chocolates are perfect for each and every occasion. Order irresistible treats for your loved ones from Candy Paradise and add sweetness to your celebrations. Special day or not, we are here to put a smile on your face by delivering your favorite candy.

Experts you will love. 

Our candy ninjas and chocolate maestros bring the best and hand-picked collection of chocolates from around the world. They are always searching for the best sweets to bring to all of you. They are the reason we finesse candy. 

Our Candy experts will pull out all stops to provide extraordinary service to you. They are keen to help you discover the chocolate you are looking for. Drop your queries at info@candyparadise.ca and we assure you our ninjas will get back to you within 24 hours guaranteed. 

We take candy seriously! 

Candy Paradise is your personal Willie Wonka experience at the touch of your fingertips filled with all your candy needs. With the riches and finest candy, we attempt to bring a paradise into reality. Experience a hassle-free indulgence like never before right here on Candy Paradise. Happy Shopping!