Our very favorite and world’s top confectionery manufacturer company Mars is formulating chocolate, mints, chewing gums, and fruity confections for centuries and will continue to doing so in the future. The company also makes other food products, drinks, and pet food, besides confectionary. This company functions in five business units worldwide, namely, Mars Wrigley candy, pet care, food, and drinks, which are solely under the possession of the Mars family.

Mars is originally a US-based company having headquarters in McLean, Virginia, United States.


The storied history of Mars begins in a kitchen where two passionate men discovered sweet confections cherished by the whole world.

Franklin Clarence Mars, along with Ethel V. Mars, started the Mars Candy Factory in 1911 in Tacoma, Washington. Later they shifted the factory to his hometown Minnesota and renamed it to Mar-O-Bar Co. After some time, they again change its name to  Mars.

Forrest Mars, Frank’s son, introduced Milky Way Bar in 1923, which got much popularity. Later he started Mars Limited in the UK and introduced Mars Bar. In 1984, the company was shifted to McLean, Virginia, and still owned by the Mars family. The company is renowned for its confidentiality.

Factories and locations

A giant factory in Veghel, Netherlands, started in 1963. Presently, this factory is the biggest production unit of Mars factories and is even considered the world’s most giant chocolate factory.  Two factories were in Slough, England, one on Liverpool Road, and the other on Dundee Road. The factory in Liverpool was closed in 2007 and shifted their “Twix” production to the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, Starbust production was moved. Well-nigh production for Europe was manufactured in factories located in Slough and Veghel.

In Australia, the prime Mars production plant is in Ballarat, Victoria. In Pennsylvania, a factory located maximal to Hershey, in Elizabethtown. The production unit in Chicago, Illinois, possesses a commuter rail station for its employees.


Popular products manufactured by the company are:

  • Original products include: Galaxy, Mars, Munch, Bounty, Snickers, Celebrations, Dove, Twix, Treats, Milky Way, and many more
  • The Wrigley company manufactures Airwaves, Extra, Eclipse, Wrigley’s, tunes, Orbit, Winter fresh, Rondo, Hubba Bubba, Big red, Alpine, and 5 (gum), etc.

Awards and honors

According to Fortune magazine, Mars is among the top 100 companies in 2013. The company is also making donations to Elizabethtown college.

In 2017 Mars nominated for the “Marketing Campaign” by “Diversity in Media Awards.”

Final thoughts

Despite all, Mars is a leading confectionary company with most popular chocolates like Mars, Snickers, Bounty, Twix, and Galaxy. Regardless of the occasion, we love to treat our beloved people with our beloved chocolates manufactured by Mars. Incorporation.





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